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the " Territories of France "
Photographs by Jean-Pierre Gilson

from 12 December 2002 to 15 April 2003


"Sweet France," as the French affectionately call their country, is portrayed along the railings of the Senate's Luxembourg Gardens by Jean-Pierre Gilson, the landscape photographer, in 87 photos. These works are the fruit of four years spent travelling the roads and paths of France and cover both the homeland and the territories overseas. All seasons are pictured in an eye-catching exhibition which takes us on a journey that evokes the works of France's Impressionist school of painters. This rare adventure enables us, through the photographer's lens, to capture magic moments that often escape the traveller in a hurry.

As France's upper chamber of Parliament, the Senate's role is to represent all strands of community life in France. The Senate is therefore particularly fitted to present this visual poem of France as seen from ground level.

The exhibition can be viewed along the railings of the Luxembourg Gardens, 
rue de Médicis, 
from 12 December 2002 to 15 April 2003

Admission is free. Open daily - and night and day. Illuminated at night.
The exhibition is presented in French, English and Japanese.

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To interview the author or the organisers or to obtain photos from the exhibition, kindly make contact at the Senate, 
15 rue de Vaugirard, 75006 Paris with
Jean-Marc VIRIEUX (01 42 34 28 94 ) or Michèle VAN DE CASTEELE (01 42 34 25 11).
At the Editions Marval publishing house the contact is with 
Maud PRANGEY (01 48 07 50 43)