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Forum of the World's Senates


(14 march 2000)

9 h 00

Opening address by Mr Christian PONCELET, President of the Senate of the French Republic

9 h 15

Bicameralism : diversification and improvement of representation

9 h 15

Regional representation
Mr Geraldo José de MELO, Vice-President of the Federal Senate of Brazil
Mr Bachir BOUMAZA, President of the National Council of Algeria

9 h 40

Community representation Mr Brian MULLOOLY, President of the Irish Senate

9 h 50


10 h 30

The functional characteristics of bicameralism

10 h 30

The role of stabilisation and conciliation
Prince Chivan Monirak SISOWATH, First Vice-President of the Senate of Cambodia
Mr Junzo IWASAKI, Councillor, Official representative for the President of the House of Councillors of Japan

11 h 00

Protection and stability of legal standards
Mr Yegor S. STROIEV, President of the Council of Federation of Russia
Mrs Naledi PANDOR, President of the National Council of the South Africa's Provinces

11 h 30

The improvement of legislative production
Mrs Alicja GRZESKOWIAK, President of the Senate of Poland
Mr Mohammed Jalal ESSAID, President of the House of Councillors of Morocco

12 h 00


13 h 00

Adjournment for lunch

13 h 05

Official photograph of the Heads of Delegations (Escalier d'Honneur)

13 h 15

Lunch in the Salons de Boffrand

15 h 00

Resumption of work (open discussion)

16 h 30

Closure of debate - Motion's adoption
Vice-President of Council of India States and President of the Interparliamentary Union Council

16 h 45

Close of Session

19 h 00

Visit to the Palace of Versailles

20 h 30

Dinner in the Galerie des Batailles at the Palace of