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A constitutional reform was adopted by referendum on the 27th January 2002. It includes the creation of a second chamber in which would be represented local authorities, imitating the French system.

This chamber should be established by the year 2005.

The first solemn session of the new bicameral parliament (Oliy Majlis) was held on 27 and 28 January 2005


  100 members:
                 - 84 senators elected indirectly by the 14 regions of the country, at the rate of                             6 seats per constituency (the Republic of Karakalpakstan, 12 provinces                             and the city of Tachkent),
                    - 16 senators appointed by the President and chosen among experienced                               personalities.


Senators elected: the electoral college is composed of local councils' members.
                First election: 9 January 2005
                First nomination: presidential ukase dated 25 January 2005
                   Term of office: 5 years

   Most Recent Election: 20 January 2010, 22 January 2010


At least 3 annual periods of sessions


Among the competences of the Senate, there are the competences shared with the legislative Chamber (low chamber) and the exclusive ones:

A. SHARED CompEtences

1)Legislative power

       In matters of:
                      - definition of domestic and foreign policy of the country,
                      - organization and repartition of the executive, legislative, and judiciary                                powers,
                      - budget, State finances and taxation,
                      - administrative organization

2)Supervisory power in the following fields 

     - proposal of President of the Republic for the nomination of the Prime              minister and the vice-Prime ministers,
     - declaration of war,
     - presidential ukase calling for mobilization

3) On international issues 

         - ratification or denunciation of international treaties and agreements

4) Revision of the Constitution

B. exclusive  CompEtences

1)Nomination of judges of the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court

2)Nomination on proposal of the President of the Republic:

      - of the president of the State Committee for the environment,
         - of the public Prosecutor and his deputies,
         - of the SNB president (security service),
         - of the ambassadors,
         - of the President of the Central Bank.