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On November 19th 2000, the Yemen parliament (the Chamber of Representatives) passed several amendments to the Constitution submitted by the President of the Republic, which were prepared at his request by the Consultative Chamber (Shura Council).

One of these amendments provided for enlargement of today's Consultative Chamber -created in 1994 and comprising 59 members nominated by the President of the Republic- and strengthening of its legislative powers.

In a referendum held on February 20th 2001, the draft was passed.


The Choura council is composed of 111 members, appointed by Presidential decree. Appointees may be members neither of the Chamber of Representatives nor of the local assemblies.

Appointees must be at least forty years of age.

Most recent appointments : April 28 th 2001.


In addition to its consultative powers and the action of its Bureau (jointly with the Chamber of Representatives) in approving the list of candidates for the presidential election, the agreement of the Council is to be required from now on, obtained in the course of a joint meeting with the Chamber of Representatives called by the President of the Republic, for the adoption of any law on implementation of the socio-economic plan, or on issues connected with defence, border, alliances and peace issues, and on any subject submitted to the joint meeting by the President.