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I - The draft Constitution which was submitted to a referendum on 12 and 13 February 2000 provided for the restoration[1] of a second parliamentary assembly to be called the Senate, consisting of 60 senators (of at least 40 years of age) and including :

§  5 senators elected by proportional representation in each of the 10 provinces ;

§ 10 senators elected among the traditional chiefs.

 This draft Constitution was rejected by 55 % of the votes.

 II - During the 81st meeting of the political bureau of ZANU-PF in June 2005, President Mugabe presented a draft for constitutional revision in order to re-establish the bicameral system.

This constitutional amendment was adopted by Parliament on 30 August 2005, then promulgated and published on 14 September 2005. The first elections for the re-established Senate were held on 26 November 2005.


100 members:

- 60 directly elected members (6 each from the country's 10 provinces);

- 5 members appointed by the President.

- 10 provincial governors

- the President and Deputy President of Council of Chiefs;

- 16 traditional chiefs

- 7 additional members


- Voting system: one-round simple majority vote.

60 constituencies.

Age of eligibility: 40 years old.

-Must be resident of country for at least 5 years in the 20 years preceding the elections

- Compatibility of the senatorial term of office with positions such as minister or vice-minister (though not with other official positions in public office).

-Incompatible with the holding of unpaid office and membership of the defense forces and certain memberships of the reserve police force



[1] The Senate was suppressed in 1990.