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Sittings Department and Library of the Senate

January 2007
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Article 73a

1. - Government and other bills and documents submitted to the Senate under Article 88-4 of the Constitution shall be tabled with the Bureau of the Senate and distributed.

2. - The Senate Delegation for the European Union shall ensure compliance with Article 88-4 of the Constitution. To this end, if the Delegation believes that the Government has not tabled with the Bureau a text that it thinks should be submitted to the Senate, the Delegation shall inform the President of the Senate, who shall in turn call on the Government to submit this text to the Senate. Any Standing Committee may also notify the President of the Senate to this end.

3. - Subject to the provisions of this Article, draft resolutions tabled under Article 88-4 of the Constitution shall be governed by the same rules as those set out in these Standing Orders for other draft resolutions.

4. - The Delegation for the European Union shall examine texts submitted to the Senate under the terms of Article 88-4 of the Constitution;  this may result in draft resolutions being tabled.

5. - The President of the Delegation or his/her representative may participate in the work of the competent Committee on a consultative basis.

6. - After the deadline that it has fixed for the tabling of amendments has passed, the competent Committee shall examine the draft resolution together with amendments that have been submitted to it by Senators, the Referall Committee or committee(s) asked for an opinion, and the Delegation for the European Union. If the amendments have been signed by several Senators, they shall be presented before the Committee by one of the signatories who is a member of it or, if there are no such signatories, by the first signatory.

7. - The Committee's report, which may include the draft resolution that it has adopted, shall be printed and distributed.

8. - A draft resolution from the Committee becomes a Senate resolution ten working days after the date for the distribution of the report unless, during this period, a request that it should be examined by the Senate is made by the President of the Senate, the Chairman of a political Group, the Chairman of a competent Committee or a Committee asked for an opinion, the Chairman of the Delegation for the European Union, or the Government.

9. - If a decision on drawing up the agenda has been taken, the Delegation for the European Union may exercise competences attributed to the Committees for an opinion.

10. - If, during the fifteen working days following this request, the Chairmen's Conference does not propose placing it on the agenda, and the Senate does not decide to do so, the Committee's draft resolution shall become the resolution of the Senate.

11. - Senate resolutions adopted under the terms of this Article shall be transmitted to the Government and to the National Assembly.

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