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Sittings Department and Library of the Senate

January 2007
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Article 24

1. - The President shall, in a public sitting, announce the tabling of bills that have been submitted by the Government either directly or after they have been adopted by the National Assembly, of member's bills adopted by the National Assembly and forwarded to the President of the Assembly, and of member's bills and draft resolutions submitted by Senators. The tabling of Government and member's bills when the Senate is not sitting shall be reported in the Journal officiel, thereby indicating that the tabled bill was listed at the most recent meeting that the Senate has held, and announced at the first sitting thereafter. Government and member's bills shall be remitted to the competent Committee or to a Committee specially appointed for the purpose of examining them under the conditions set out in Article 16 and Chapter VIIa of these Standing Orders. Government and member's bills and draft resolutions shall be printed and distributed. On those occasions, that they are distributed when the Senate is not sitting, the distribution of Government and member's bills and draft resolutions shall be announced in the Journal officiel.

2. - Member's bills shall be linked to matters determined by the Constitution and Organic Laws. If they are presented by Senators, they shall not be admissible if adoption could result either in a decrease of a public resource not balanced by another resource, or in the establishment of, or increase in, a charge on public funds6(*).

3. - Draft resolutions shall be associated with decisions deriving from the exclusive competence of the State. They are inadmissible in all other cases except for those provided for in Constitutional and organic regulations.

4. - The Senate Bureau, or certain members appointed by the Bureau for that purpose, shall judge the admissibility of member's bills and draft resolutions.

Article 25

Bills tabled by the Government may also be withdrawn by the Government at any stage of the procedure before they are finally adopted.

Article 26

The author or first signatory of a member's bill or draft resolution may withdraw it at any time, even when a debate has been opened on it. If another Senator takes the bill up, the debate shall continue.

Article 27

1. - When the President of the Republic asks that a bill be reconsidered, the President of the Senate shall inform the Senate of the fact either by announcing that the bill in question has been returned to the National Assembly for consideration, or that it has been transmitted to the Senate in the first instance for further deliberation.

2. - The draft of this Law shall be sent back for examination by the Committee that examined it previously.

3. - The request for further deliberation shall be printed together with the draft of the Law to which it applies.

Article 28

1. - Member's bills and draft resolutions that have been tabled by Senators and rejected by the Senate may not be re-introduced within a period of three months.

2. - Those member's bills and draft resolutions on which the Senate has not given a ruling shall be deemed to have lapsed at the opening of the third ordinary session following the one in which they were tabled. Government bills and draft resolutions tabled in the period between ordinary sessions, shall, for the purposes of calculating the date when they lapse, be moved to the first day of the ordinary session following the date when they were tabled.

3. - Repealed by the Resolution of 21 November 1995.

* 6 In its Decision of 2 June 1976, the Constitutional Council declared that the new wording of this Article complies with the Constitution:  «... providing, however, both that the resource designed to balance the diminution of a public resource is genuine, and that it benefits the same collectivities and bodies as those to whose advantage the resource that is the subject of a diminution is received, and that compensation is immediate».

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