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The Senate's European Action

The progress made in the building up of Europe has made it necessary for the national parliaments to entertain closer links with the activities of the European Union.

At the Senate, this need for closer contacts translates into :
- the creation of a specific body called the Committee for European Affairs ;
- the implementation of a mechanism for the monitoring of EU texts ;
- the establishment of a dialogue with the European Commission on the respect of the subsidiarity and proportionality principles ;
- the setting up of an administrative platform in Brussels ;
- participation in the development of inter-parliamentary relations within the European Union.

Moreover, the French Senate is also involved in the work of the parliamentary assemblies of the Council of Europe, of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), and participates in the meetings of the Association of European Senates.

For further informations :

Report : Development of the Senate's European role (M.  Hubert HAENEL - Committee for European Affairs - October 2009)