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Association of European Senates

 Since 2000, this association has been gathering, on the initiative of the President of the French Senate, Mr. Christian PONCELET, the Presidents of fifteen lower chambers in Europe .

It gathers both the Bundesrat of Germany and of Austria, the Senates of Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, the Chamber of Nations of Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Chamber of the Lords in the United Kingdom, the Council of the Federation of Russia, the National Council of Slovenia, the Council of Swiss States and the Council of State of Luxemburg as an observer.

The Association, which aims at developing relations between its members, at promoting bicameral systems in the framework of parliamentary democracy, and at reinforcing the European identity and awareness, organises at least one meeting per year.

In 2012, the fourteenth meeting of the Association of European Senates was held at the Luxembourg Palace.