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A word of welcome from the President, Gérard Larcher


Gérard Larcher, President of the french Senate

I wish you a warm welcome to the 20th meeting of the Association of European Senates which is held at the Luxembourg Palace in Paris, from 13 to 15 June 2019.

As has been the case each year since the creation of the Association in Paris in 2000, this meeting will be an opportunity for discussion and proposals on a current theme of our parliamentary and institutional life.

This year it will be devoted to the following topic:

« Bicameralism, an asset for democracy ».

Our meeting will also be devoted exceptionally to a dialogue with African countries with a second chamber.

Our countries are facing common challenges and I believe it is in our shared interest to confront them together, whether they relate to development, education, crisis resolution, the environment and the consequences of global warming or migratory phenomena.

I believe that national parliaments and upper chambers in particular, have a major role to play in reconciling opinions and suggesting solutions together.

I am therefore delighted at the prospect of this event which will allow us to exchange parliamentary experiences and put forward institutional proposals to meet the major challenges for the future of the European continent.



Association of European Senates

* Information available following the meeting