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European Senates, Senates around the world

The Senate of the French Republic has hosted the 14th meeting of the Association of European Senates, 15th-17th March 2012, in the Luxembourg Palace. To read more about this event

On 14th March 2000 the French Senate brought together representatives of Senates from around the world. This important event offered an opportunity for renewed reflection on bicameralism and its contributions to democracy.

The Senate was instrumental in founding the Association of European Senates.


To read more about this event

These pages provide information on bicameral systems throughout the world. 



- Senates around the world

- Map of the world's Senates

- Bicameralism in the world: the state of bicameralism today and the outlook for the future


Selected sites

- Official Senate sites

- Site of the Inter-Parliamentary Union

- Site of the Parliamentary Assembly of the French-Speaking World

- Site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs



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