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Relancer l'Europe : Retrouver l'esprit de Rome - version anglaise

22 février 2017 : Relancer l'Europe : Retrouver l'esprit de Rome - version anglaise ( rapport d'information )


The European project is a big ambition now more relevant than ever. In a globalised world which is based around continent states, it is futile to expect disunited European States to be able to have influence on the international stage and to be able to defend their own interests.

But without vision and leadership, the building of Europe has gradually drifted. It has spread itself across too many missions and lost sight of the essentials. Today, it is faced with fragmentation and the return of national egoism with the backdrop of populism and all sorts of demagoguery.

Brexit could be a positive wake-up call if it is accompanied by a European «recovery» in which it rediscovers collective interest and responds to the expectations of peoples, in particular the desire for protection in an uncertain world.

The ambition of this report was to define a path to recovery in a pragmatic manner. If put into effect and guided by strong political will, these recommendations could give European ambition its meaning and significance back.

Europe must prove itself as a power by responding to the call for the protection of its citizens. It must get back on the road to competitiveness and the creation of jobs. It must be clear and close by refocusing on the essentials, bringing to life the principal of democracy and by reaffirming its values.

To do this, the report proposes a method based on the role of the Franco-German partnership which is facing historic responsibility.

The European Union must again become the shared project of the European people. Europe, is shared history, is a set of values and a way of life which must be defended. United in diversity which must be respected, Europeans must overcome obstacles together, by promoting that which brings them together over that which divides them.